The launch of Big Brick @ The Jolly Butchers

From Facebook:


On Tuesday June 14
The latest in the Brick series launching at The Jolly Butchers a collaboration brewed at Kernel between The Evening Star (Brighton) The Jolly Butchers Dark Star Redemption Zero Degrees Brew Wharf Saints & Sinners and Brodies. A big massively hopped red rye beer shaping up to be around 8.9% on keg and bottle. mmmmmm”


  1. 8.9% !!! I might have one or two!

  2. i went yesterday. my review:
    i had a nice glass of kriek, the first since brussels a few years ago! i fancied trying the blackberry cider but he said it was very sweet.
    my friend had an american pale ale and said nothing but ordered two more so that’s a good endorsement.
    we had a ‘vegetable sharing plate’ which i thought was pleasant but way overpriced. for 7.95 there was a pot of tiny olives, three grilled aubergine slices, three grilled green pepper pieces and three grilled courgette strips. another pot of some sour cream concoction and four triangles of white toast.
    it’s very shabby but the bar is nice. it is very very very very noisy. my chest and throat hurt today from yelling for so long.
    there are other nicer spots but the selection was good.
    anyone else been?

  3. But did you try the Big Brick?

  4. no!!! and i am ashamed to admit i don’t know what it is. if it’s beer, it’s unlikely. i don’t really drink it. 😀

  5. @janice – Big Brick was the start of this thread, so details are at the top

  6. I had a bottle of Big Brick this evening, very nice, they sold out of the draught in 2 hours on opening night, no more left, it was a one-off. The bottled stuff is very nice slightly chocolate after-taste. £5.30 a bottle though!

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