THE KING’S LAND – huge mural project in E2

\the THE KING’S LAND is a huge mural project by Nazir Tanbouli on the Kingsland Estate. This is located off the Regent’s Canal at Kingsland Road. Nazir has been given permission to take over the whole housing estate with murals. The estate is semi derelict and is due to be knocked down at the end of the year. The Egyptian born Hackney based artist has already done 5 murals in 3 weeks and plans to cover the whole estate by June. Nazir is using drawing as the basis of the murals as he is aprticalrly interested in very large scale drawing as the foundation of his practice.Come and see the murals and pop by Nazir’s studio and exhibition space Studio 75 you can’t miss it there’s a huge yellow mural on the front of the studio. We’re usualy good for a cuppa and a chat. You can follow the progres sof the murals online on