The Happiness of Hounds: Shoreditch to get a dog cafe?

The Happiness of Hounds: Shoreditch to get a dog cafe?

You have all likely heard of Lady Dinah’s cat cafe currently trialling in Shoreditch. It looks like Kristjan Byfield of @baseproperty is set to open a dog cafe to rival it.

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  2. Name change alert! This is now The Happiness of Hounds

  3. Hi guys- well most of what there is to say is in the Hackney Gazette piece you’ve linked to. I’m an avid dog owner (2 boxers and a Staffie) and love dogs of all shapes and sizes and I’ve wanted to have a dog business for several years.

    We had to go through an instant name change, due to trademark issues, so we are now The Happiness of Hounds. We have a very basic Holding Page up for now with a contact form and a sign up for our enewsletter. This can be found at:

    We are now working hard to decide on our list of manufacturers and product ranges. However, we are also looking for designers, artists, photographers, jewellery makers, etc. that have/do anything dog orientated. This may be dog face printed cushions, canine necklaces, whatever. We want to be the No.1 upmarket dog venue for London and the UK. We have an array of suppliers but are keen to hear from a lot more artists, etc.

    We will be holding talks at the venue on topics such as doggie upkeep, health, nutrition and behaviour. We are also going to be arranging events throughout the year including agility days, puppy socials, fashion dogwalks and many more.

    We are now at the stage of formulating a design and concept for our full website and are actively seeking a space to operate from. We are keen to open as soon as we can so we are looking for both instant pop-up space and long term suitable space. The feelers are out there but commercial property, especially in Shoreditch, is a tricky beast.

    We are very active on twitter (@THOHounds) and on facebook ( ) so you can track our progress there. You can get in touch also via these or via the contact form on our holding page.

    It’s really exciting and the response and uptake has been phenomenal so we are doing everything we can to launch as soon as we can.

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