The Hendrick’s Lecture Series early 2012 calendar TALKS – Jan > April

The Last Tuesday Society in association with Hendrick’s Gin is delighted to announce a new an extended campaign to educate a nation in the most useful of subjects from Catacombs and Charnel Houses to Disemboweled Wax Beauties at The Hendrick’s Lecture Academy.  Suzette Field’s College for Practical Knowledge has now joined forces with Viktor Wynd’s Academy for Domestic Science to create this mot intriguing season of lectures and workshops.  At 11 Mare Street E8 4RP FEBRUARY1st February 2012: Sarah Murray on From the Magnificent to the Macabre: Send-Offs for the Dead2nd February 2012: Drawing Club with Mia Gubbay7th February 2012: Dr Paul Koudounaris on The Empire of Death – Spectacular Ossuaries and Relics in the 16th and 17th Centuries8th February 2012: Tantric Sex: Avenue to Pleasure with Angel Shakti9th February 2012: Mask Making Workshop14th February 2012: Erotic Magic Lantern Show with Professor Mervyn Heard16th February 2012: Drawing Club with Mia Gubbay23rd February 2012: Egyptian Book of the Dead with Professor Stephen Quirke MARCH 1st March 2012: Drawing Club with Mia Gubbay4th March 2012: Punch and Judy Show with Geoff Felix6th March 2012: The Mummy with James Putnam7th March 2012: Anatomical Venuses of Florence with Dr Anna Maerker8th March 2012: An Introduction to Taxidermy with Lee Paton11th March 2012: Count Dracula and the Organic Bunny of Doom with Geoff Felix13th March 2012: A History of Taxidermy: Art Science and Bad Taste with Dr Pat Morris15th March 2012: Drawing Club with Mia Gubbay22nd March 2012: Mask Making Workshop27th March 2012: Dr Julie Anderson on Giants and Anatomists28th March 2012: Dr Karen Jones on From “Death Lock” Antlers to Grizzly Bear Standard Lamps: Taxidermy Animals and the Necro-geography of Nineteenth Century Hunting APRIL4th April 2012: Drawing Club with Mia Gubbay12th April 2012: Shell Houses and Grottoes with Hazelle Jackson18th April 2012: Drawing Club with Mia Gubbay25th April 2012: The Gothic Laboratory: Medicine the Imagination and the Gothic with Dr. Keir WaddingtonWalpurgisnacht 30th April 2012: Gothic Magic Lantern Show with Professor Mervyn Heard Full Details at: