The Green Room Cafe – Stoke Newington Church Street

New cafe just opened (On 18th  Jan) at the flower shop  on Church Street in Stoke Newington. Went there today, service was a little chaotic tbf, I put  that  down  to  teething problems. Mrs21 got someone else’s meal (which was the same as hers so she thought, might as well, could be ages til I get mine 🙂 food was good, limited menu, but breakfast menu looked great. I’m sure when they sort out the teething problems it will be a great place to go.


  1. The Green Room Cafe is a total disaster. TBH I cannot recall having, in a very, very long time, been in a commercial establishment of any sort that had so weak a grasp on the basic essentials of service provision. There were four (maybe five?) women on for about six tables, one older one and at least three in their late teens/early 20s. They milled about and made us nervous in their milling, but for all the hands available couldn’t seem to actually serve anyone.

    In the space of half an hour we saw: tables left to accumulate unbussed dishes. Tables not wiped down, including ours. Tea served with indifferently-cleaned mugs. An order delivered to the wrong table (not ours). An order walked out, glasses not on a tray but held in the hands, that almost got delivered to the table but the poor girl was shouted out to bring them back to the counter. A loud shout of “don’t DO that” from behind said counter. The capper? There was a stairway down that looked like the obvious place to put the loos, but it had *two* signs that said “Staff Access Only” and “Private – Do not enter.” When I asked where the toilet was, the woman said, oh, right down those stairs over there.

    The whole place was crazy-making. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

  2. More than teething problems then, thought they would have sorted themselves out by now.

  3. We had a wonderful brunch here today. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on potato crostini with a delicate tarragon sauce. Service was friendly and prompt, the food fresh and delicious and the ambiance wonderfully relaxing. Cant wait to go back to enjoy the sunshine in the garden when the weather improves. Its a quirky place with quality. Give it a try!

  4. If I were to have a cafe in Stoke Newington I would make it accessible to those on wheels. This could easily be achieved with a simple ramp over the two steps up from the shop but for some reason this has not been done. I had a baked chicken burrito with rice and salad. The burrito was nice enough but the rice was plain boiled white rice with no seasoning, the ‘salad’ a small portion of rocket with a dribble of dressing. It was a sunny day, however, and sitting outdoors away from the high street surrounded by laid back colourful decor of potted plants was a treat. The fruit salad smoothie was refreshing in the afternoon sun. Overall, visiting the cafe is a lovely experience but perhaps more for the venue than the food.

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