The Five Points Brewing Co., a new Hackney brewery

There’s a new brewery in Hackney that began brewing over the weekend. The Five Points Brewing Co. don’t have a website just yet, but they do have a Facebook page and are on Twitter and Instagram. They’re located in an archway just underneath Hackney Downs Station so a short walk from The Pembury and from The Cock Tavern. There aren’t any beers commercially available just yet but the director of the brewery is one of the guys behind the now-shut Mason & Taylor as well as the still-going Duke of Wellington on Balls Pond Road. Trial bottles will be available at The Duke once they’ve got their first batch ready so ideally in a couple of weeks. They’re looking to start with three styles of beer and getting those perfected with feedback from The Duke of Wellington customers as well as from friends of the brewery. They’ve got four fermentor tanks so it’s an ample piece of kit for a start-up brewery. Here’s what the logo looks like: The Five Points Brewing Company logo The brewery is named after the nearby junction of Amhurst Road Dalston Lane and Pembury Road–the bit that looks like a drunken splayed-out starfish on the map. Hooray for new beer!”