the festival is started!

hi guys, our new festival dedicated to digital technologies and performing arts started last Friday!
There are different artists who will perform but also some interesting talks and workshops…our aim is not only to show performances but understand the inspiration and the hard work of artists who integrate media, performing arts, technologies. As this trend is something really new and not everybody can really understand what this means, this festival is a great opportunity to learn and get inspired!

If you are interested tonight there is Mark Coniglio talking about his work with his dance company Troika Ranch; the artist from Asymmetrique Answer Anna Abalikhina will be there as well.

On 26th at Hoxton Hall at 2.30 & 7.30pm there is also a performance of the company Lightwork, \The Good Actor”.

If you are curious and you want to discover more about our events take a look to our website:

the festival is opened to everybody curious young people emerging and professional artists professors and researchers!
I really hope to see you there guys!
cheers elena*”