The EatMeUp -Three Day Street Food Festival in Rivington Street (6th-8th Dec)

The Christmas EatMeUpPlease come along and spread the word about a three day street food festival in the Red Market, Rivington Street. It’s Thursday-Saturday, 6th-8th December and will feature 25 of the very finest Street Food Traders in London. All day and in the evening. not tickets or anything just roll up, all for free. All info is here: We’re a tech company and it’s a launch of our iPhone app (at the market). I’ll do a separate topic about that. This is a one-off so I’m intimidated about letting enough people know. Any spreading of word or any local businesses who would let me drop in with a poster would be fantastic. It’s street food meets tech so I think it ought to interest lots of people in the area. More about the event:There will be live music local brews from London fields and pop-up shops from craftsmen and designers all more or less from the area. It’s a local affair with a six hour live broadcast from Hoxton FM on the Thursday. Children from the St. Monica School in Hoxton are going to decorate the market for Christmas.”