The Cut

The Cut by Chris Dorley Brown, Jessie Brennan & Daniel Lehan, edited by Chris Dorley Brown
88 pages Newspaper format.
Documents the history and change of the area around The Hackney Cut / Wick / Olympic site. Photos by Hackney Archives and Chris Dorley Brown.
Features include:
Interview with a Lighterman
Now and then photographs
Art, drawings and design
Articles on Hackney Speedway, Hackney Working Lives (WEA), Trowbridge Estate and Hackney Wick Industry.
The Cut contains lots of historical content from the area and has a good mixture of old and new features. I liked the fact that there is no index and each page and feature runs easily into the next.
You can obtain a free copy of ‘The Cut’ at SPACE studios 129-131, Mare Street.


  1. Oooh I’d like to get my hands on one of these

  2. It’s definitely something that I will keep, has some great photographs of the Wick.

  3. Looks great.

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