The Cricketers – 181 Clarence Rd

Planning application for conversion of public house and residential units above to commercial (A1, A2, A3, A4) at ground floor level and 6×1 bed and 1×3 bed residential (C3) units at first, second and third floors. Erection of mansard roof extension.

There’s also an extension to the Downs Rd side.
Application no. 2011/1465


  1. Well the fact that they havent proposed turning the ground floor into flats should be seen as a positive. I wouldnt be surprised if the council took exception to the size of those one bedroom flats though – 35m2 is pretty tiny. Theyre more like hotel rooms than flats.

  2. @gavinredknap Yes, I was relieved about the ground floor. Does anyone know if A1-4 includes the possibility of a restaurant?

  3. The builders have started work this week, but I haven’t heard anything about the planning app.

  4. Me neither, and I commented for Clapton CAAC. What work has started? I’ll try and find out the status of the application on Monday. Most likely it’s been recommended for approval but not been signed off. Nick

  5. Sorry for straying off topic, but I saw something said about a rileys bar opening on LCR – something like 122. I assume that a new planning app hasn’t gone in and they’re revamping the irish bar that closed down last year?

  6. Just to update, the planning application on this one was granted in March. For those hoping for another new(ish) pub, it looks that (at least under the current permission) that wont be the case. If you look at the plans, you’ll see the ground floor effectively cut in two, with an 80 square metre retail space with no toilet facilities, which is obviously a no-no for a pub.

  7. @gavinredknap@claptonpondlife spoke of a rumour that it was going to be a betting office;

  8. Hopefully just a chattering class rumour, along with the usual hysteria about Tesco. Let’s hope anyway. After seeing the success of the Clapton Hart, the developer might be rueing not maintaining the ground floor as a pub in the plans.

  9. The Cricketers is in the Clapton Pond Conservation Area so realistically any commercial venture will need to submit an application for details of a new shop front , unless they can work with what’s there – and not many styles of business could, I suspect. Possibly a cafe, bar, but not a chain bookies. Keep your eyes peeled.

  10. It’s a picture of works going on and the interior and roof covering being removed. I’d say that’s a way off ‘demolition’ and most likely in line with the approved application.The Cricketers Work in progress

  11. Did anyone see the picture posted on The Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group facebook page?The picture is of The Cricketers being demolished.

  12. That’s what I thought might be happening but it was a bit hard to see on my phone. Thanks!

  13. The planning permission is for conversion into flats and the addition of a mansard roof extension. There’s nothing unusual going on here. I’m surprised that CPNAG are being so alarmist – surely they know what the permission is for?

  14. By the way, has anyone actually seen any work going on here recently? For the past couple of months it seems to have gone absolutely nowhere. On a side note, i saw scaffolding up on the Lord Cecil the other day.

  15. I pass every day and haven’t noticed anything change at the Cricketers since its gutting.The scaff on the Lord Cecil has been going up piecemeal for a week or so now. I’m wondering whether they’ve been told to mend the roof?

  16. No need to start a new thread but worth noting that an appeal has been lodged on the old application to knock down the Lord Cecil and replace it with a rather ugly, massive structure. I hope the council sticks to its guns on this – the building currently there does contribute to the architecture of the area and can be sympathetically restored.

  17. I noticed a big truck and some activity going on as i went passed The Cricketers this morning. Perhaps something is finally starting to happen..?

  18. Closing this thread as the mystery has been uncovered here:

    @hannah53 @line1 @nick you may all be interested in the latest

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