The Convenience Brooksby’s Walk

Looks like the former toilets on Brooksby’s walk at the top of Chatsworth road is now under new ownership. The Convenience is a brand new cafe and bar on Brooksby’s Walk/Chatsworth Road. We’ve taken over the public toilets that have sat unused for over 20 years and we’re currently transforming the space into a magnificent utility style space featuring a roof terrace. From


  1. Roof terrace, next to private gardens? I’d be very very surprised to see the planners allow that to happen.

  2. I applied to run the kitchen there today, I’ve worked in some right toilets in my time but…

  3. Hello! We’ve got the green light on the roof terrace.  It’ll be small but good to have. ClaptonPieman, I’ve just replied to your email!

  4. Good for you. Ive never come across planners that allow that sort of thing myself. You must have very understanding neighbours there.

  5. Must be the weather 🙂

  6. Bit if a tangent here, but my brother in law leads a theatre comany that has staged a play called Ladies and Gents in ex public loos all over the world. It win a fringe first at Ednibugh when it was first staged. Might be interesting to check it out given the location of your new venture.

  7. Yeah my Partners brother-in-law did a similar thing in Ireland whereby the audience were invited to watch a play unfold in a toilet. Small world eh…erm, is that you honey?

  8. That does look interesting.  Have you any idea of the size of the previous loos?  I fear we may not be large enough to accommodate it.

  9. I’ve no idea. But your right, I’d imagine it might be a bit of a squeeze. That was my girlfriends OP by the way, she’d registered as a user unbeknown to me. Hows it going anyway, any news on when you’ll be opening?

  10. We had our first days trading today. Lots of free cake was dispensed and the Nanas all took great glee in the various photo-ops that presented themselves. Come on down folks and take a gander!

  11. I didn’t get a notice about this. What good news. Way to go, Nanas!

  12. A great opening weekend despite the rather foul weather and a few teething problems(all electricity related I hasten to add). My wonderful fresh pies went down a storm yesterday and we’ve met a lot of lovely locals.Today we have The One Show in to do a bit with the Nanas so feel free to pop in and grab  a slice of freshly made gateaux and a cup of bespoke tea. Mike.

  13. Delicious Cake of the Day – Wild Berry Gateau £2.50 a slice. Chocolate sponge, berries, fresh cream and white chocolate shavings. Mmmm! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  14. Oooo apologies for such a huge image!

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