The Clapton Pot

The Clapton Pot is a new supper club in Hackney taking place on either side of Clapton Pond.Why? It’s easy to hang out with the same lovely people all the time but we want to meet new locals and share stories around the dinner table.

All are welcome to join us every last Sunday of the month. Find out how you can take part here .


  1. …forgot to mention that it’s free! And hosted by Diana & Violaine.  See you soon!

  2. @veganpeasant @saladefolle awesome stuff, see you there 🙂

  3. hi everyone, we now have 4 places left for the next Clapton Pot on sunday 24th Feb so book yours quickly here to secure a place next to the eminent @ewebber 🙂 and meet a few other Claptonians. All free just bring yourself and a bottle.”

  4. just registered! how exciting!!!

  5. just booked! how exciting!!!

  6. hi Paulina/ @isle_of_olive, great news – looking forward to meeting you soon!Violaine

  7. hey Hackney, our February Clapton Pot is now fully booked. But keep an eye out for our next one in March and join us then!

  8. We’ve had a cancellation so there are now 2 tickets for this Sunday’s Clapton Pot.  Sign up here: See you soon, Diana

  9. Just one ticket left now! It’s free, it’s local, it’s over here

  10. Sorry, all gone now… Try again in March!

  11. Hey Claptonians, have a look at the latest Clapton Pot blog post and see if you’re tempted to join us next time!”

  12. Hi everyone, Robbie’s written a review of our last Clapton Pot, and it’s rather gushing Thanks Robbie, good to hear you enjoyed it as much as we did! Watch out for the upcoming announcement of our next Clapton Pot…

  13. The Clapton Pot supper club is back! You can sign up here if you want to join us on the 31st March. It’s free it’s local and according to recent reviews it’s tasty too. See you soon!”

  14. Hi everyone, we have 2 places yet for our next Clapton Pot (31st March). If you’re around for Easter and fancy it just sign up here. It’s easy and it’s FREE!”

  15. Here’s my photo(s) from the first Clapton PotThe Clapton Pot Featuring @saladefolle @stephenwalker78 and @robbieds

  16. Uh oh \animated” eyebrows.”

  17. And I’m doing my best ‘don’t take a picture of me while I’m scoffing down my food’ face!

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