The Chesham Arms sudden closure

According to the Hackney Gazette, The Chesham Arms has closed suddenly and has a development company’s name on it – I have fond memories of when @mjacksonesq worked there many years ago


  1. I have very fond memories of the place, we got married at Sutton House, and had drinks in the Chesham arms before hand – they opened at 2 especially for us .

  2. It would be very sad for that pub to be turned into flats and disrupt the balance of road! We need to complain to the council if and when the application is put in.

  3. The local residents are running a campaign to try and stop the development –

  4. As a long time Hackney resident, i’ve very fond memories of The Chesham and would love for it to return back to its former glory. For a long time it has had a succesion of mediocre landlords who spent no money on it so it has been a bit tired over recent years. We’ve seen with the Clapton Hart ,The Elderfield and The Kenton Arms etc that local/community pubs can be very successful in the right hands. I think the planning application to turn it into flats will be met with a strong local response and urge anyone who wants to keep pubs open to contact Hackney Council to oppose

  5. I signed the petition at the Pig’s Ear back in December, no news yet on what is happening with the Chesham but there is a website set up:

  6. @line1 that’s great news, it’s great to see that a group of people working together have a voice. I’m interested to see how this progresses.

  7. i see the boarding around the pub is down. i really hope squatters don’t move in, it could be the lord Cecil all over again!

  8. The Save The Chesham Campaign posted this on their facebook page yesterday: Chesham Arms to be an \office” from 1st August according to Hackney Council. An office? In a conservation area on a quiet back street in an 1866 pub? Only in Hackney. We have some tricks up our sleeve and we are trying to get the Mayor of Hackney to intervene. Keep the pressure on. Write to your Councillors write to the Mayor write to your MP write to the Queen!! Please. Let everyone know you want the pub back. On a lighter note Mehetabel Road STREET PARTY tomorrow from 3pm. Bring booze and food that can be BBQd and shared. We are a friendly welcoming bunch. Come and defy the weather forecast and help to welcome in Hackney’s newest er…… office!”

  9. One of the main reasons it wasnt hugely popular is that a lot of people simply didnt know it was there. At a time when the area is on the up (and dare I say it, even becoming something of a destination) and when pubs are reopening left right and centre, the attempt to close this place indicates that the new owner is a real amateur.

  10. I agree, there is no better time than now to open a pub in Hackney. Here are the details of what to say and who to write to for anyone wishing to help with the campaign

  11. Is there any hope of a community buy out ? I bought a share in a well-loved pub in Bath a few months ago, regulars raised nearly a million quid to buy the Bell when the long term owner (30 years) decided to sell up – they didn’t want the pub to change too much. Luckily for the Bell it did have some celebrity support – I will shortly (the sale is currently going through) co own the pub with Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel and various other rock gods and celebs!

  12. Hello lovely people of Hackney,

    The struggle to save The Chesham Arms (1866-2012) from conversion to small unaffordable flats is entering a crucial phase.

    The owner, Mr Mukund (sometimes known as Michael) Patel, has let out the upper floor without planning permission and redesignated the downstairs (pub bit!) as an office. The office is not used at present. The pub is effectively lying empty, rotting, whilst Mr Patel land banks it in the hope he will one day get his own way and be allowed to convert to flats.

    We have been fighting an 18 month campaign to preserve one of Hackney’s quintessential boozers. The Council are on our side for a change. They issued an enforcement notice but Mr Patel has appealed. The appeal will be heard by a PUBLIC INQUIRY at Hackney Picture House on Tuesday 24th June at 10am.

    If you care about Hackney’s pubs, please come to the Picture House on 24th June and tell the planning inspector to Save the Chesham.

    Full details are at


    Secretary – Save the Chesham
    Churchwell Residents’ Group

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