Introducing the Chatsworth Road Neighbourhood Plan

As some of you might know, the Chatsworth Road Traders and Residents Association are creating a Neighbourhood Plan for the Chatsworth Road area and need people to get involved.The aim of this study is to establish a coherent long term vision for the future of Chatsworth Road and it’s surrounding neighbourhood, and to communicate a clear message of how the community envisage the area should change in the future.A key element of this study is to identify a number of guiding principles, or aspirations, that will form the backbone of the of the plan. Each aspiration will lead to a number of initiatives that will help make these aspirations a reality.In order to ensure that this plan has political weight we need everyone to have their say, and hopefully we’ll find some common ground.We will introduce some early ideas at the public meeting on the 19th of January to which everyone is invited. Meanwhile feel free to highlight what you think the key aspirations for the area could be.For example:

Local: “Our neighbourhood will support the local economy by prioritising local people and businesses

What other aspirations should form the backbone of this plan?




  1. considering that the road is a cut through for traffic, I wonder what the considerations currently are for cutting down traffic speed and emissions.

  2. Hey @euan, great this is getting going. Do you have a map/indication of where the ‘surrounding area’ extends to?

  3. The exact boundaries for the study are flexible, but currently it is focused on Chatsworth Road and includes everything south of Lea Bridge Road, east of Lower Clapton Road, West of the Lee Navigational Canal and north of Homerton Road. This plan gives an indication: study area

  4. great, I’m in

  5. @euan thanks for the map, seems I am just within the boundaries – I’d definitely want see the plan protecting local shops from large supermarkets opening more small shops in direct competition

  6. I’m out of the boundaries Euan but Ill try and come down as I’m v interested in this as you know.

  7. This is an excellent move which is supported by Leabridge councillors and by Chatsworth Road Traders and Residents Association (CRTRA). Please support the Plan and any comments appreciated so we can make it something that will help improve the area and build up the community.

  8. Hope to see some of you at the meeting tonight!

  9. just listened to your presentation and it was very inspiring! Need to think a little bit more about the plan but will come back to this.

  10. I’m really gutted I couldn’t make it along tonight. Will you be posting minutes or something somewhere?

  11. It was an inspiring presentation – @euan let’s have it on slide share on YouTube soon please

  12. The presentation tonight was spectacular and the audience loved it. Onwards and upwards!

  13. Brilliant presentation! Need this at Broadway.

  14. I live on the Haggerston Estate where many of us felt extremely disenfranchised and lacking in any real say in what happened to the immediate area. It sounds like possibly a different case, but definitely interested in seeing the presentation and how the public can be heard when you get a chance – thanks!

  15. @euan let me know if you need any help on building a video of your presentation.

  16. I live just South of the area – it would be great to be included. I count myself as living in Homerton (v near the train station) but we never feel included in either Chatsworth Rd area (or Clapton as it’s often known) or Victoria Park. We’re somewhere in no mans land in the middle!(note: it’s called Homerton High St, not Homerton Rd)

  17. Thanks to everyone that made it last night and for all the comments so far. Its great that people see the importance of creating this type of plan. With @peterd‘s help we’ll record a voice over of the presentation and put it here for anyone that couldn’t make it.It would be great to get some feedback, in particular regarding the high level aspirations that we need to identify to form the backbone of this study. Here are the ones I suggested last night:Local: Our neighbourhood will support the local economy by prioritising local people and businesses.Diverse: Our neighbourhood will embrace a diverse range of people and uses.Accessible: Our neighbourhood will be easy and safe to get around.Sustainable: Our neighbourhood will aim to minimize it’s ecological footprint.Distinct: Our neighbourhood will have have a distinctive identity differentiating itself from other neighbourhoods in LondonWe can keep these, change them or scrap them, they are just some suggestions. The important thing is that they are simple and clear, and identify what the community think is important for a great neighbourhood. There should only be between five and ten of them.Here is a survey to try and capture some of this data, but i’m happy to continue a discussing here too. that the study boundaries are only rough, neighbourhoods rarely have clear boundaries, so anyone that uses Chatsworth Road is welcome to get involved.

  18. Last night’s presentation was fantastic! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was really inspired – it’s great to learn that the community can have greater input into the area.

  19. Sorry for the delay on putting the presentation here. I’ll post it very soon, i promise.

  20. Thanks to @peterd for putting this together!

  21. Euan – this video is absolutely fantastic…very inspired. I’m filling out the survey as I realised I hadn’t done it and will think about ways in which I can help out.

  22. This is really great. I hope we can mobilise and inspire the Well Street community like you have, especially in the difficult days that are just about to come!

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