The Cat and Mutton closing?

Saw it on their twitter feed, it has been sold, don’t know if the buyers intend to keep it as a pub. Mixed feelings – I went to it after the last refurb about 10 years ago, service was woeful, the staff were all young and glam and more interested in eachother than actually serving punters, so I never went back. Should remain a pub, it is on a great spot at the  entrance to the market, hopefully it is kept as a pub, it will change for the better.


  1. Definitely will emain as a pub, it earns too much money not to be. I agree with you though the offering could be improved substantially so that it follows a formula more like the Dove.

  2. Apparently they’re getting refurbed and will re-open in March

  3. More on the Hackney Citizen

  4. The lovely rubys is taking it over!

  5. The Cat and Mutton is reopening in April according to:
    “Gibson says he wants to restore the Cat & Mutton pub to its former glory with the addition of Pearl’s cocktail lounge on the first floor and a new menu from Ben Denner, the man behind mega popular pop-up Licky Chop in Hackney’s Climpsons Arch.”

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