The Burberry Outlet

I’ve never actually been, but there is a Burberry outlet tucked behing morning lane, more details here: Has anyone visited?


  1. I’ve only ever walked past. It looks quite big, so if you’re into Burberry I’m sure you’d find good stuff here. The problem is that even with the discounts the prices are still too expensive for me….

  2. It’s still heinously expensive still and there was a lot of old tat in there too (Burberry tracksuits).

  3. I wrote about the Burberry outlet in my blog a little while ago: is right, even at half price some items are still £300! But if you are a fan of the brand and really want something Burberry then it’s worth visiting.

  4. ouch expensive – might go just to see it some time (not to buy a Burberry tracksuit!)

  5. i’ve been. not my style. yes, somewhat expensive but still cheaper. they have a lot of tat too. go for the experience?

  6. Agree with the 2 before, prices are astronomical, burly bouncers on the door and you have to check any bags in to lockers before you can enter. They do fantastic trade with Japanese tourists though (who do look a little out of place on Homerton High St). As Janice says, it’s an experience worth trying once!Has anyone been to the Carhartt outlet near London Fields?

  7. Thanks Em!

  8. There was a Burberry factory wasn’t there? I think it was near the mahoosive tescos – and is now housing or being converted?

  9. I did finally go there a couple of weeks ago – pretty much agree with the comments above. Pretty expensive, not that nice and completely out of place in Homerton

  10. The people at Highbury & Islington apparently get asked about it a lot…London Overground Temporary Notices

  11. It’s a bit of a trek from there!

  12. I have visited the Burberry Outlet lately. It is quite disapointing: it is still overpriced though.

  13. Burberry is magnet for tourists, apparently 1000000 visitors each year. Hackney council has granted the area 5 million for a ‘retail hub’ in the arches and on Chatham Place. See thread in general chat. David Adjaye is the architect for one of the buildings!

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