The Beggars Banquet 22nd September

The Luna Collective The People’s Kitchen and Koyaanisqatsi proudly presents:The Beggar’s Banquet a fine dining experience with a difference! Enjoy five courses of world cuisine prepared by east London’s most exciting young chefs. From plough to plate 20 million tonnes of food is wasted each year in the UK. Our Beggar’s Banquet will be salvaging surplus food from the restaurants and markets of east London to re-imagine our collective possibilities and funnel the waste product of a destructive economy into one of abundance.Our Beggar’s Banquet theme is ‘Tramp Chic’ so dress down and look sharp. Enjoy a night of live entertainment music and much more. Head down to the affiliated beggars ‘after party’ hosted by the Black Cat Sound System at a secret location for a night of debauched revelry! So mess up your hair dust off your dinner jackets crease up your shirts don your dancing shoes and come on down! Please purchase tickets online before the event: Check out the facebook group: This event is a community fundraiser for the People’s Kitchen and the Koyaanisqatsi Trust

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  1. Anyone else find this a little distasteful? I know it’s all in a good cause ‘n all, but still. Am I just being overly PC?

  2. No and yes.

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