The Arcola Tent on Ashwin Street

This from via @benjamin

Coming to Ashwin Street (Dalston) this summer!

The PlanTo create an exciting temporary mixed arts temporary venue hosting world-class professional and community events delivered by Arcola Theatre and a wide range of local arts and community organisations. We hope that over the next few years this will evolve in to a permanent extension of the new Arcola Theatre on Ashwin Street which is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. We need more space because we can not fit enough seats in the existing building to bring the best theatre companies from around the UK.

Part of Art in Empty spaces


  1. i went by arcola last week and they said they were still waiting to hear about funding. it would be an awesome thing to have in hackney once it opens. oh and they need volunteers but i haven’t checked that part out yet.

  2. Thanks for reposting @ewebber – I had to rush out. I passed there earlier and they are now constructing the frame.

  3. The Londonist reports that the theatre tent will open next Thursday Looks like their first performace is Tiny Wallops Travelling Freakarium and

  4. it’s probably just me but…. are there any future events listed for the theatre OR the tent on arcola’s site. (i do read alarmingly fast and carelessly)

  5. @janice it’s not a great site to find out anything! I think the best chance you have is the home page, where there are some events

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