The ”Alternative” Open Day of Historic buildings at risk in Clapton – 25th Sept

Clapton Arts Trust are organising a visit of Pond House and the Old Kenninghall cinema on 25th SeptGuided tours at 2pm & 4pm starting at Pond House (FREE)I’m pretty excited about this one :)More details and some photos from Pond house over here:


  1. @ewebber I can’t make it to this, can you take a camera along and post up some shots of the cinema interior?

  2. def up for this!

  3. My photos for the walk are over here: Here are a couple from that set: Pond House Pool table Lion head at Pond House Unfortunately we didn’t get to go in the old cinema but I got near the door Light from palace pavillion

  4. The whole Pond House development, i.e existing building plus planning permission, is up for sale with vacant possession at £2m. Fascinating visit…”

  5. Very nice walk yesterday at the Pond House and Clapton Cinematograph Theatre. Thanks a lot to Julia Lafferty, David white and Monica Blake.

  6. @guilherme are you going to share some of your photos?

  7. @debeauvoirian that’s interesting, they aren’t planning on doing the work that they have the planning permission. Especially when the preference is to keep the features as much as possible.

  8. @debeauvoirian that’s funny…I thought the council were yet to decide on the planning application.

  9. \DetailEntrance of Cinematograph Theater Back garden of the house

  10. Here are the photos:

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