tescos on Chatsworth Road ?

Just heard an ugly rumour that the empty glaziers on corner of Chatsworth Rd & Millfields rd which was supposed to be a cafe(?) is going to be a tesco express ! Anybody else heard this or am having a nightmare?


  1. @boogenhagen do you have any more info to back that up?

  2. only idle gossip amongst shop owners on Chatty Rd at the mo I’m afraid….just noticed the shop now has black painted shutters & not tesco blue so hopefully it’s a only a scare. Just while I’m being particularly paranoid, anyone know what the white(with red reflector strip) concrete cubes are on the opposite side of the rd from the shop are? Theres also some on the end of Sewdley St.

  3. This is unlikely.  The people looking to open there have been in touch with the CRTRA and plan to open a Cafe.

  4. …about the concrete cubes take a photo and post it on the Chatsworth Road Facebook, i’m sure someone would know.

  5. Concrete Cubes now have signs marking where the Olympic parking zones are – all over the area

  6. It’s a glazier’s shop…don’t panic.

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