Tesco on Lower Clapton Road planning hearing

The date has been set for the council’s hearing about Tesco on Lower Clapton Rd, it’s next weds 6th Oct from 6ish – more details to follow


  1. The hearing is tonight, Protest from 6pm, if you oppose then please come down

  2. How did this go? I would have gone but was working late!

  3. It went well, not great, but it’s not over yet and we had a nice turn out.The hearing was for 5 applications, most of which were excepted, but at least got some nice conditions in there, e.g. they can have bollards, but they need to be inside the shop. There is one particular application that needs more info and so will have another session at some point and that’s to remove the condition for them to use the loading bay. If nothing else we aren’t making it particularly easy for them,

  4. Cool. Good to hear abt nice turnout!

  5. An interesting night indeed. The planning office are an absolute joke, and should quite frankly be sacked or investigated.

  6. Sad news, the planning permissions for lorries to deliver on Lower Clapton Road was granted. More news here http://www.noclaptontesco.org/planning-committee-meeting-last-night-permission-granted/When it opens, don’t forget Palm2 – these are the people that make our community http://palm2.tumblr.com/

  7. If anyone is following this, there is an interesting new twist.The store opened today (Friday 11th Feb) despite not yet finalising the agreement with the freeholders, more over on Hackney Citizen

  8. check out our intervention highlighting the choice between palm2 and tesco …..Your text to link…

  9. @HackneyEmpireStrikes I spotted last night that it’s been painted over

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