Tesco Express finally opened!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/jan1ce/5230858053beside hackney downs station on opening day. haven’t had time to go in yet but every child that walked by on the way to school seemed very excited at the prospect. (because it will have something unique? lol). however, will be interesting to see how the small shops do now


  1. I will be boycotting, so is that 5 mins away from the one they are trying to open on Lower Clapton Road?

  2. there’s going to be one there? 5 mins? hmm – would take me a bit longer. this one is right beside hackney downs station so will catch commuters…. i can understand you boycotting if you are a claptonian. this branch is very local for me so i may use it for things i can’t get at the independent places – like fresh meat, flowers…..etc

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