Tempo Pilates

I recently got a voucher for some cheap sessions at Tempo Pilates in Hackney. £25 for 5 sessions was too good to resist, so I signed up.

Tempo Pilates are based round the corner from Broadway Market in an old warehouse building. After climbing a couple of flights of stairs, you walk into a modern looking space that is light and welcoming. They have 10 (I think) pilates machines, the kind that dancers use, although I have done pilates before, it was the first I had used them.

When I first walked in the previous class were still going, unlike a lot of clases I have been to, the instructor (Daniel La Roux) was playing upbeat music and was encouraging the class members to work hard, which gave me an idea as to what was in store. The session was, as suggested by the name, a little more up-tempo than regular pilates. It definitely works you hard and due to being particularly unfit I was a bit sore for a few days afterwards.

I have booked my full 5 sessions and am halfway through, I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the full set.

You can check them out here: www.tempopilates.com

Tempo has moved since this was published – see their website for their current location.

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  1. I recently completed 6 months of this reformer pilates class at the Tempo Pilates studio of Broadway Market and I found it to be absolutely excellent. I run, swim, and cycle regularly however, i wanted something more resistance based to help me tone up for my wedding day. I tried out several other pilates and yoga classes around and nothing compared to Tempo-pilates. No one could do this class and not feel like they got a proper work out.

    The instructors at Tempo-pilates make you work hard, make you focus and make you get the best out of the class.

    I originally thought the class might just help me tone my upper body as the other exercises that I do like running and cycling already kept my lower body in shape, but i was astonished to see the results of this class, It works muscles I never though I had.

    I would highly recommend Tempo Pilates. There was nothing else that would have gotten me into that wedding dress!

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