Tea and Cake – Best Places?

So many cakes, so little time!

We just found Voilets in London Fields:


Anywhere else people like??



  1. Violet really is lovely. Here’s another lovely blog about it:


  2. violet is wonderful but expensive
    i like mouse and de lotz. really good brownies
    i also like 63 wilton way. yummy
    sometimes, though, i like old style like at homerton hospital or st jos hospice – a nice cuppa and slice of fruitcake!

  3. I had a Wilton Way cupcake the other day and was charged £2.50 so didn’t think they were that well priced for cupcakes either (and Violet’s are better).

    Love Wilton coffee and lido brekkie though!

  4. what’s the lido brekkie?

  5. the woman who makes cakes at the monthly thing at navarino mansions has awesome cakes and so on at seriously low prices. if she served some tea with them, she’d be gold. i put her info somewhere…

  6. @janice: this: Lido Breakfast

  7. ah! looks yummy.

  8. I didn’t think violet cupcakes were that great, of the couple times I bought from them, the crumbs were a bit dry (left out for too long?). Meh! Sorry, i make better ones (ask the Fin & Flounder boys)!

    Been toying the idea of cleaning up my garden and have secret afternoon tea sessions?

    Best brekkie toast – Climpson & Son’s cinnamon toast with honey and cream cheese!

  9. @staystylish do it! I’ll be there 🙂

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