Tea and cake and art and more … Studio75 today

Hi all we are having a studio open day today, the exhibition of painting (when I say painting I mean every inch of the wall with giant vibrant paintings) by 2 Egyptian artists, as well as tours of our mural project the King’s Land ( http://www.kingslandmural.co.uk )The exhibition is by Ibrahim El Tanbouli a well known Egyptian painter and his nephew London based Nazir Tanbouli who works out of Studio75 in Haggerston. On Monday Ibrahim came to London for the first time; on Tuesday he came ot the studio and did a massive painting covering the whole wall. On Thursday Nazir came to the studio and did the same. The paintings reference their shared family history their home town of Alexandria and their relationship which is between partnership and rivalry.Fantastic show really unique.We’ll be around from 1.Hope to see you! We’re on Laburnum st off Kings;land road 1 block south of the canal.studio75