Talks at the Tower (of St Augustine’s)

Hi everyone

There are some interesting talks taking place at St Augustine’s Tower (Hackney Central) all this week. The Ian Sinclair talk tonight is booked up I think, but plenty more Hackney-history related things going on Tuesday-Friday. Check out the details here:

Tickets are free but you’re advised to book.


  1. I did the tour last week and it was ace. The tourguide was really interesting, we got to see the 400 year old clock and the views over the Narroway change your perspective somewhat!

    There’s more info on Local History Month here (pdf).”

  2. I’ve been up those narrow stairs of the tower a few times and it’s a great view over Hackney – In your photo, if you look at the white frontage on top of the old Woolworths building (now iceland) just the other side of the railway bridge you’ll see there is nothing behind it!

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