Swifts in Hackney

Dear All This is a post for anyone who likes the presence of swifts in Hackney skies, those swallow like birds that fly quite high and are around in summer. I’m really interested in mapping where Swifts are nesting in Hackney to try to help protect these sites. I’m also interested in creating new nesting sites for Swifts in Hackney. There’s loads of opportunity for this with all the new developments. Nationally, Swifts have declined by over 30% in the last 10 years. I’ve seen a lot less around Hackney in the last five years, presumably because of people accidently destroying nesting sites as they renovate roofs etc., there’s masses of renovation at the moment what with all the new money in the area. If anyone would like to discuss this issue further,  now is the time! It would be good to hear of anyone’s experience of swifts in Hackney or general thoughts on this issue. There’s loads more info here:  http://swift-conservation.org/ Hamish”