Suspended coffee

This would be a great thing for Hackney coffee shops to start doing.


  1. Good idea, but why do coffee shops need to have the monopoly on this type of thing? Knowing what theyre like, there’s also a risk that the large coffee chains will try to book this as a charitable activity in their accounts to minimise their tax burden (which is already minimal anyway) so best to work with local houses where possible.

  2. @line1 that’s great, I wonder if @119LowerClapton @jeromesk8 @nightboat and @chaseandsorensen would consider it

  3. \Coming soon when a customer buys a suspended coffee we will provide coffee to that value to our long-standing community-charity partner Oasis” As i said its a charitable offset to corporation tax which they will be able to claim that they’re paying while free riding on the charity income offset that can be claimed from the Treasury hence maintaining close to zero net tex.”

  4. It becomes a different transaction when it’s money that goes to a national charity, that could just be in the form of a collection box. The action of buying a suspended coffee is actually buying a coffee for a member of the immediate community that cannot buy themselves a coffee and a very specific local community act (as well as not having the admin overhead of donation to a charity). As Hackney is high on independent coffee chains, it would be interesting to see something like this start happening.

  5. \ 2 coffee 3 suspended” that’s about £10.. I don’t think a lot of people can afford that. How bout coffee houses charge half price for suspended coffee? This way both parties can add some goodwill and more people will buy suspended drinks.”

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