Support other women in Hackney to enjoy healthy pregnancies

Hackney has a higher then average infant mortality rate. Shoreditch Trust runs a peer mentoring scheme called Bump Buddies which aims to tackle some of the health and social inequalities which can contribute to poor outcomes. Bump Buddy Volunteers are local women who work as messengers in our communities, making sure that all women in Hackney have access to the information, help and local resources they need to enjoy healthy pregnancies. Volunteers are trained in the core areas of Maternity Services, Outreach and Communication, and Healthy Eating and Mental Wellbeing. Ongoing training topics include; Domestic Violence, Housing and Homelessness, Child Protection, Breastfeeding and Children’s Centres. The main focus of the Bump Buddies programme is in reaching women who are slipping through the antenatal net, suffering poor health and nutrition, or booking too late in their pregnancy for care. This is achieved through outreach work, word of mouth and by developing links with local venues and services. Bump Buddy volunteers may also be asked to support a woman on a one-to-one basis. The next Core Training course for Bump Buddies is taking place in May 2012 and we are now recruiting. If you have some time to give, are enthusiastic, open-minded and passionate about working in your community please get in touch. Email Jane at: or Jaimie at: