Sunday ‘pay what you want’ walks

Hello, I’m doing ‘pay what you want’ walks around Shoreditch, Hoxton, Columbia Rd and Spitalfields on Sundays, beginning near Old Street at 11am. They take place on the last 3 Sundays of each month and this Sunday (15th Jan) is the first of 2012. Each walk is about 3 hrs and takes in the above areas and covers bits of history, buildings, development, Shakespeare, Street Art, Gunpowder Plot and lots of other bits. A real hotch potch. If you fancy coming along, then please feel free to have a look at the website and you can contact me through there to book a place if you so wish. Also booking for the remaining Sundays in Jan and last 3 Sundays in Feb. Many thanks, Jonnie


  1. I’m up for doing this in Feb – anyone else?

  2. Count me in for February.

  3. @saladefolle you have to come too 🙂

  4. @ewebber well yes of course! you know I’m always up for this kinda thing…

  5. I have 12th Feb in my diary @saladefolle @maartenjacobs are you up for that? Anyone else?

  6. I’m definitely up for that day.

  7. Can I come, folks? Be lovely to finally meet some of you. kx

  8. Sounds great. @ewebber let me know when you’re going.

  9. @londiner @stephenhignell planning on 12th Feb – which is from 11am. We need to tell @bowlofchalk that we are coming.

  10. Hi @bowlofchalk, can you put me down for 12 Feb! CheersKirsten

  11. @ewebber, yes yes yes! @bowlofchalk please can put me down for 12th Feb too?

  12. That’s great. Saladefolle … if you could send me an email via the website including your name and contact number incase I need to get hold of you on the day, that’d be great. Also … I can then send you pretty precise instructions for the starting point and time. That goes for anyone else that might be interested in coming. Thankyou very much for your enthusiastic responses. I look forward to meeting you on the 12th. website is Byeeee …. Jonnie

  13. Oh … should have written @saladefolle so you can see it. Hopefully that works. Please have a look at the previous post. Taaaaaaa.

  14. @maartenjacobs @londiner @stephenhignell you’ll need to fill in your details over here too:

  15. @bowlofchalk @saladefolle @ewebber @londiner I’m going bowling on Sunday too, be good to meet you; I hope the weather improves!

  16. Cool, I’m looking forward to it @bowlofchalk do you have everyone’s details?

  17. Hello, Think so. I’ve got you (Emily), Kirsten Foster  and Maarten Jacobs down for Sunday, then not sure if @saladefolle is coming. I think it’s Violaine, but she hasn’t sent an email to confirm, unless I’m mistaken. Anyone else? See you on Sunday.

  18. I will likely turn up with @saladefolle , so don’t worry too much about her details. Has @traxcitement or @stephenhignell sent you their details?

  19. Yep I’m in +1, have confirmation email.

  20. Just about thawed out from yesterday’s interesting BOC walk, nice to meet some of the people on this website @saladefolle @ewebber @londiner @maartenjacobs @bowlofchalk @lauramack

  21. Yes. Thanks very much for coming and lovely to meet you. Hope it was okay. Byeeee …

  22. @bowlofchalk thanks for a fun walk, and lovely to meet everyone else @traxcitement @londiner @maartenjacobs @bowlofchalk @lauramack A bientot!”

  23. My sentiments exactly. Hope you didn’t have too much fun without me after Columbia Rd. I’m going to dive in again as soon as I can. Anyone for seconds?

  24. @londiner that was the best bit ;)Thanks @bowlofchalk it was fun – maybe another when it’s a little warmer!

  25. Hi everyone, sorry for the slow reply – was great meeting all of you too! I went up St Augustine’s Tower in St John’s churchyard yesterday and would highly recommend it – you get great views of Hackney! Think they have open days on the last Sunday of every month :)Laura

  26. Hi, Your walks sound great but are they still going?

  27. @nancy I saw updates from Jonnie on facebook, so I think so. @bowlofchalk can you confirm?

  28. Yeah. Still doing walks ahoy, so feel free to come along @nancy Details are at and you can send me a message through there. Sunday ones start at 11am near Old Street. Hope all is going well with you too @ewebber Byeee …

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