Studio 75 Haggerston: Exhibition and mural tour April 6 & 7

HI allWe have  an exhibition this Easter weekend, Friday evening at 6 and Saturday 12 – 6.The show is FAMILY BUSINESS and features Studio75 founder Nazir Tanbouli and his uncle Egyptian painter Ibrahim El Tanbouli. Meeting each other for the first time in 10 years, the two painters will \face-off” in the studio and spend all week developing work that they will show to the public (you!) Friday & Saturday.It’s an interesting opportunity to see two generations of Egyptian artists talk about Egyptian art globalization and what happens when art “runs in the family”.Nazir will also give guided tours of his massive mural project “THE KING’S LAND” which is covering the semi derelict Kingsland Estate (where the studio is situated) with murals.Nazir at work