Street Photography Walk in Hackney

Spend the day with Andrew from The Amazings and learn about the art of street photography. What will you do?The session will start with a basic introduction to Andrew’s work and what the term ‘street photography’ actually means. You will then hit the streets learning how best to choose a subject and how to take the perfect shot. What will you learn?This isn’t a textbook kind of lesson where you learn about technical details and all that faff. Andrew will demonstrate his skills and show you the ropes on catching some perfect stilled art of your own in a hands-on session.Lighting angles framing and everything else in between will be covered as you walk down the historical avenues of Hackney. The session is about daring to capture a particular moment how to discreetly catch it and how to be prepared for action. So wrap up warm bring your camera and your flare of creativity and lets get snapping. Tickets £25. several dates:–2″

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  1. @The-amazings please post the date & time of the walk.

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