Street Photography Walk around Hackney with The Amazings

Andrew, a workshop leader at The Amazings is running two street photography walks around Hackney.One on 27th October and the other on 17th NovemberThey’re both running on a Saturday. Both events cost £25 per ticket. The session will start with a basic introduction to Andrew’s work and what the term street photography actually mean. You’ll then hit the streets learning how best to choose a subject and how to take the perfect shot. The session is about daring to capture a particular moment how to do it discreetly and how to be prepared for action – rather than learning technical settings of the camera. Andrew’s activity is for experienced and beginner photographers alike who want to learn more about capturing the streets of Hackney. The session will end at Hackney Central Library where you can compare each others efforts and learn from each others work in a creative critique session.”