Street parking for a trailer

Hi I was wondering whether anyone has any advice please. I have some mates staying over for the Olympics, and they’re bringing a car with a mini trailer (not  a caravan but basically a box on wheels for bags/tents etc). The car is a normal size but with the trailer the length is 7m. I phoned the council to ask whether they’d be covered by visitors stratchcards and they were useless. Basically  they said that there’s no size limit but as there’s no precedent for a car with mini trailer it’s up to the traffic wardens if they give them a ticket! I can’t believe that no-one has ever parked in Hackney with a trailer on the end, so I was wondering if anyone else has had experience of this and whether it’ll be safe to do so. Thanks!


  1. Park somewhere that isnt covered by either a permanent or temporary parking zone? There’s still plenty of those.

  2. @20goto10 If you really need to park in a controlled zone, try asking Sarah Wain, Finance and Permits Manager, Business Processing Team, Parking and Market Services. She was very helpful with me

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