Street Art in Hackney

Hi,I’m not from the Hackney area, but I’m writing my dissertation on graffiti art. Based on my research it seems Hackney is on par with Bristol with its graffiti scene, by how its very open and accepted in Society, which is the main question of my research. It would be great if you could summarise the impact the graffiti scene has on the Hackney area, especially with the Olympics coming up, do you think having graffiti art here is a key part of the Borough? Also what do you think the council and local authorities think of the graffiti art in the area? Thanks for your time. Kayleigh


  1. @kayvilla it’s worth having a look at the other forum topics in the group to get a sense of what people on here as well as the council think of street art, in particular You could also try directing your questions at @lianemends from Wild Hackney rather than just having it open to everyone.”

  2. @ewebber Hey thanks, I’ve had a look round a few of the topics, but they don’t really link to what I’m focusing into what I’m trying to get to, but thanks for advising to contact Wild Hackney, defiantly be a big help.

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