Strand Building / The Levy Centre

Lower Clapton Road, E5 0PD

Application Number: 2013/0152

Development Description: Installation of new glazed cafe front with new entrance, canopy awning and associated signage. Hi I am a nearby resident and got this in the post. I am not sure what to make of this application as I can’t find any plans for the proposed work. I think the awful ‘shop front’ has always let down this otherwise landmark building. I found out it was originally ‘Hackney Electricity Demonstration Halls & Offices’ in 1925 designed by J A Bowden, but I have not been able to find any pictures. I think the front should be restored or at the very least made to look more in keeping with the original art deco style.

What are your views? Does anyone have info on the proposed work or what the building was originally like?


  1. @missy The plans usually take a few days (at least) to get uploaded. I posted something on this about 5 months ago;

  2. @missy There’s some plans in the window and it will be called The Red Route Cafe;

  3. I remember the electricity company being there.  I used to go there with my nan. It closed around the 1970s,  maybe later.

  4. @Pebbles56photo of the old LEB frontage by @peterkurton here… was still there in 1984!”

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