Stories: A new venue on Broadway Market

Stories is a new venue joining Hackney’s Broadway Market on the location of the former Market House Pub, I caught up with creative director Heather Lawton to find out more. 

Heather Lawton

Heather Lawton

What is Stories?

A bar, kitchen and gallery teaming daytime brunching and delicious cocktails with a programme of special events and contemporary art.

Who is behind the project?

Mothership Group – we’re an independent company specialising in venues, events, social networking and bar consultancy – headed up by myself Heather Lawton (Creative Director), Andy Maddcocks (Operations Director) and Jon Ross (Commercial Director). There’s also a number of hands turning the cogs in head office from programmers to drinks specialists.

Stories is your third venture, alongside The Book Club and Queen of Hoxton, why are you creating it and will it be like the others?

For years I have wanted to open a bar here. Its my home and I love it! As soon as we found out this site was available we jumped on it, and within days we had a new venue. I don’t think we were expecting it to happen quite so quickly but its great. Plus, the time is right. It’s been three and a half years since The Book Club launched and we’re perfectionists so we wanted to make sure that both our current venues were running to the best of their abilities before we moved on to something else. We also have a big team in place now so expect to see a lots more from us in the next few years. Stories will be very similar to The Book Club, a little sister if you like. It will have the same atmosphere as the ground floor at The Book Club, but without the banging basement club.

Broadway Market is a bustling street and market, what will Stories bring to it?

A bustling bar to match! I’ve lived in the area for the best part of 5 years and have socialised here much, much longer, so I feel I know what’s missing and Stories is here to fill the gaps. We’re not a pub, or a restaurant – we’re somewhere in-between. A space for freelancers to work during the day over a coffee, a place to have brunch with friends at the weekend and a home for cocktails with friends in the evening. Communal tables, lots of plug sockets (for the freelancers) and comfy lounge areas will make this space super accessible. You may not even need to leave!

We’re also looking forward to being part of the Broadway Market community and will be promoting the area, the market and the shops surrounding us – so we’ll be bringing some new faces to the area too.

What are your plans for the venture?

As well as the above we’ll be creating a programme of Thinking and Drinking style events, similar to those we host at The Book Club, but on a smaller scale. Origami lessons,cider and cheese nights and a weekly Meat Raffle! Plus, we are very lucky to be working alongside Margaret London and Daydreaming Network to curate an exhibition of visual art projected on the walls and this will be a rolling gallery changing every 6 – 8 weeks. Up first is professional doodler, Hattie Stewart.

When do you plan to open?

We’ll be fully open to the public on Thursday 9th May and we can’t wait. I keep pinching myself as it’s all happened so quickly. To say we were excited would be an understatement.

What do you love about Hackney?

Its home and there’s no where else like it in London, which is why we are so glad to be part of the community here.

Anything else you’d like to add?

See you at the bar on the 9th May!

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