Stoke Newington Supermarket Consultation

This Friday and Saturday there will be a consultation on the proposed new supermarket at Wilmer Place, on the corner of Church St and the High St. This consultation is being organised by the developer and Sainsbury’s PR company and will be happening at Abney Public Hall on:
– Friday 1st July between 3:00pm – 6:30pm or- Saturday 2nd July between 9:00am – 1:00pm

Please take the time to go down, hear what they have to say and register your views about the development with them.

If anyone wants to keep up to speed on how things are developing then there is a google group here which is being used to coordinate a response.

You can also see a map of the 60+ existing shops that lie within a half mile radius of the site here.”


  1. Hi everyone

    The consultation is today from 3 til 6 (looks like it’s 6 rather than 6.30) so please try and make it down today or tomorrow to talk to the developers, other local residents and shop keepers. They have people from Sainsbury’s there, a transport person, the architect, people from the PR company and a few others.

    There’s now a website to keep people up to date:

    It’ll slowly but surely be added to over the course of the weekend as information emerges.
    And there’s also #sainsburysn16 and #stokeylocal on twitter.”

  2. Damnit – I’m busy both tonight and tomorrow so unable to come along. Any way of lodging complaints via email , etc?

  3. Hi @immiscibility
    Yes indeed, there’s an initial list of contacts to email on the website now:
    We’ll be adding to it over the weekend.


  4. Posted some photos of the consultation, including plans here

  5. What a big turnout! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  6. It was an amazing turnout. Good work Stoke Newington!

  7. I see Stokey local now have a forum to talk about the proposals:

    Great stuff @jamieb is that down to you?

  8. Yes I knocked up the website. We started with the google group which served us well for the first 10 days but I felt that a forum was a much better environment for discussions. I looked at buddypress but it doesn’t easily integrate with Thesis which is the theme I use.

    Very happy for people to chip in on the forum with ideas and if anyone has any time or skills that they can give to the project we’d love to hear from you.

  9. @jamieb I don’t think you need buddypress, it’s a little too feature rich for what you are doing over there – it would take over the site rather than be a section.

  10. I’m going to close this thread now as the consultation happened, so we can keep the conversation going on over on the other thread here:

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