Still time to have your say on the Millfields public toilet site

There is still the option to have your say on the application for this site. Although the official deadline has passed for comments being submitted regarding this applicaion, comments are usually accepted up until a couple of days before the planning committee meeting, which means that anyone that wants their voice to be heard by the council still has that chance. You can use this opportunity to object to the entire application, object to some of it or if you want to raise points about how it may function should it go ahead (the planning committee can put restrictions in place). If not enough people write in, then the proposal may go ahead with no input from the community.You can send your comments to: Adam FlynnPlanning OfficerRegeneration and Planning DivisionHackney Council2 Hillman StreetLondon E8 The application is 2011/0094 and can be found on this link or by searching the planning site hereYou can see further discussion on the yeah! Hackney forum here


  1. @ewebber Thanks for this, but it gives the impression that the council will only accept comments of opposition. Surely this isn’t right?

  2. True benjamin- its hardly impartial. I am in favour of the building so would you mind fixing it so it inspires people to make up their own minds? it aggrieves me that you would assume that everyone shares your objections.

  3. you can submit your approval too, I was making the point that you still have a chance to have a say, whatever that might be

  4. Your comment; \You can use this opportunity to object to the entire application object to some of it or if you want to raise points about how it may function should it go ahead (the planning committee can put restrictions in place)” implies we can only object to it either fully or partially or its function.”

  5. Well here’s mine if anyone’s interested:Dear Mr FlynnI understand that the deadline for comments regarding the above application has been extended and I would be grateful if you would take into account mine before making judgement on the application. Firstly, I think everyone is agreed that this site will be developed and I believe that the proposal is an excellent one for a variety of reasons;a)Its scale/massing is smaller than both the Georgian to its north and the 1930s building to its south and therefore I cannot see how anyone could object on these grounds.b)The proposed shop on the ground floor is large enough to be commercially attractive/viable, ie, the last thing Clapton needs is yet more small empty shops.c)It provides much needed housing.d)It is of modern appearance which is in keeping with the long-established approach in the area of allowing each era to sing its own tune ie, the Pond area already has an array of building styles from Georgian to Victorian to 20thCentury. This modest addition would be in keeping with that tradition.e)On a less objective note, I find the proposal aesthetically modest, refined and elegant and I believe that it would elevate the status on the Pond area no-end. Finally, I would also like to draw your attention to something that has been troubling me. The Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group (CPNAG) seems to acknowledge that there is differing opinion on this proposal (both within the community as a whole and within the group itself) and yet it takes a position of opposition and via its email releases etc. appears to only encourage comments of opposition. You may wish to take this into account before jumping to the conclusion that this \neighbourhood” group is in anyway representative of it. Yours sincerely.”

  6. @ewebber Also, I don’t understand why this has been posted on a new thread when it is simply a continuation of an existing one. Why is this?

  7. @helenlittlewood in the spirit of the site and community input, everyone is free to have their own opinions either for or against.I personally will want to see some restrictions put in place around usage of the unit, including things like illuminated signage, security and parking

  8. @ewebber sorry, but you’re being dishonest. Of course you are entitled to hold any view you wish, but you (as editor/moderator) should not attempt to gear what should be an open forum to your own personal ends.

  9. @benjamin – I’m sorry if it came across that way, as a user of this site and a local resident I was voicing my personal views as you are too. Again I repeat that everyone is welcome to write to the council to have their own comments included in the decision.

  10. Great that @yeahhackney allows for this difference of opinions – it would be interesting if they could put up a poll to see what most people here think. I agree that the site will be developed in one way or another. However, I think it’s important not just to take what you’re given, when it comes to development. That other block just to the north on Clapton Pond is a perfect example, objections made developers go back to the drawing board and improve their scheme, and since then the community supported the application. Once something is built, it will be there for generations to come and can make or brake a place. As I expressed elsewhere, there are good and bad aspects about the scheme and i think it is only right to push the developers to improve it. Remember, they are in it for the money, not for the place, and the role of planning is to ensure that what gets built will benefit the place in the long term. One development at a time, a once vibrant area can become derelict and under used – look at LCR. @benjamin, are you at all involved in the proposal?

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