Starbucks in Broadway Market?

Spotted on Facebook: a link to a petition against a Starbucks in Broadway Market. I can’t seem to find anything else about it though – and I assume that if Starbucks have indeed bought a property they’ve done their homework and bought one with all the planning permission they already need so there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them. Anyone know any more? “


  1. Thanks for this! Have already passed on.

  2. ugh . was bound to happen but i’m not happy..except for the chocolate caramel pretzels.? lol

  3. Could this be a wind-up?

  4. I reckon this could be a wind up… it costs a ‘donation’ to sign the petition…..

  5. I’ve just had a wander down the street, and the only empty shop at the moment is number 27 – just next to the off-licence. It’s currently to let via Blake Stanley whose website says it’s only got A1 planning permission (shops hairdressers sandwich bars cat-meat shops etc) whereas it would need A3 to be a cafe. So if anyone were to try to turn this into a coffee shop (chain or otherwise) it could be possible to contest any planning permission application on the basis that there are rather a lot of coffee shops on the street already. So unless they’ve taken over the lease from an existing business elsewhere on the street perhaps we can hope that it is a rumour. Incidentally this is what’s on the door of the empty shop:

  6. This just in from East London Lines @lucypearceox @Dalstonpeople @fuckyeahhackney Hi. Starbucks just got in contact with us and informed us they have no plans to open one there— EastLondonLines (@eastlondonlines) May 9 2012

  7. Ha!  If this is a joke, it is very funny! There are also the vacant units by the Dove – the old Francescas Cafe.

  8. If it happens you can always refuse to go in!

  9. Chill people – it ain’t happening. But stand by with your indignation just in case they start looking over here…

  10. What Broadway Market is really missing is a Tesco Metro

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