Stabilising the website

Today has been website stabilising day! And things are certainly better 🙂 You will probably have noticed that we have had a few technical issues with the website recently, which meant it wouldn’t always load 🙁 This stemmed from a couple of things – lots of wonderful new members and visits, great news! but a strain on the limited resources that run yeah! Hackney. Some other technical issue in bending the framework behind yeah! Hackney to do my will. The technical team behind yeah! Hackney is small….. well you probably know that the entire team, be it technical, creative, community manager etc is just one person and that’s me, funding is non-existant so I have been relying on my own limited technical skills and limited spare time, while this worked when the site was small, it’s getting not-so-small these days and something gave. Thanks to the help of @ganly (who has proper technical skills) we have moved things to a new server and put some temporary measures in place to make things more stable this means that things should not fall over again – awesome. I do also need to do some upgrading and further investigation as to what the issue is which involves some diving into logs and stats and this will come soon. If you see anything odd or features behaving differently from before please let me know on this thread. Thanks for your understanding and continued support of the site.Emily”