St. Leonards Court, New North Road, N1 6JA 2012 /2915

This development will operate against the Hackney LDF Core Strategy strategic objectives ;

  1. By increasing private housing stock at the expense of social housing stock the development will perpetuate and exacerbate patterns of inequality in the borough.
  2. The scale of development in the immediate vicinity is not sustainable and the form of the development is harmful to the interests of current residents who will suffer loss of privacy, ‘canyoning’ of the street and garden grabbing where publically viewable council maintained green areas will disappear.
  3. The existing buildings (which have been completely neglected by the council – conspiracy anyone?!) could be retrofitted  and renovated with substantial savings to the local environment and of resource consumption.
  4. The open grass areas bordering the street and running through the proposed development site currently add to Hackney’s natural environment whereas the proposed development will reduce publically visible wildlife habitats.
  5. Instead of preserving and enhancing the historic environment, the proposed development will completely block sight lines of listed buildings and impose above historic residential building stock of enormous existing character such as 90-92 Bevenden Street which forms part of the historic Haberdasher Estate, an eight story tower block, both blocking late afternoon sun and stripping it of privacy as it’s original large crittal windows will be completely and closely overlooked.

The SCS Priority 5 and Outcome 7 of promoting affordable housing has been ignored in this proposal. The design acts against community cohesion by imposing an eight story façade where previously there had been council maintained lawns and gardens. Core Strategy Policy 3 regarding City Fringe South Shoreditch includes to ‘protect and enhance the historic environment. Few corners of Shoreditch are as picturesque as the St. John’s Church roundabout on Pitfield Street and the proposed development will block site lines to it and by virtue of it’s scale and the materials proposed, will frame it in a detracting and subservient way, eliminating the communal semi parkland feel of the public street facing lawns and gardens on the site which adjoin the lawns and gardens on which the church sits. Further, it is short sighted to consider that the vast roof terrace of the scale proposed above the substantially private development will not be a source of nuisance to the local community. There has been already very dense devlopment of the small triangle of land bordered by East Road, Bevenden Street and New North Road with further devbelopment already approved but not commenced. The scale of this proposal will dwarf existing properties, acts against the preservation of local character and really must be resisted.