Looking for information on St Joseph’s Hospice

Hello all :)My name is May and I am hoping you will be able to help me as I am looking to find information on the hospice’s historyI am a postgraduate student with the open university and I am doing my research project on the st Joseph’s Hospice and I am looking for as many primary sources on the hospice as possible.Would it be possible for you to guide me towards an archive which may have some documents on the hospice? Or does any one has any information on its history such as first patients, nurses, how it was built, photos etc anything would be of great help.I am doing my research in the years before it was built until 1905. ( anything between 1895-1910 would be great) alternativeley, any information on the history of hackney, diseases, health, other hospices, any pictures, reports, journals etc would be absolutely fantastic.I am very grateful for your time and hope you will be able to help me:)Many thanks for your helpMay


  1. Hi @maylne have you checked on the St Joseph’s website, they seem to have some info:http://www.stjh.org.uk/Resources/StJosephsHospice/Documents/Other/The%20History%20of%20St%20Josephs%20Hospice%20Hackney.pdf, are they helping you directly? You might also want to look at the German hospital photos from @chrisdb1http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisdb1/sets/72157614676786560/detail/

  2. Hi @ewebber I’ve contacted them already but unfortunately they have no archives available, will try Hackney council next, thanks ! 🙂

  3. @maylne have you also been to the Hackney archives in Dalston, Hackney council may well point  you there anyway.

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