Springsteen/Hard Rock Calling at the Olympic Park: can we get in via Eton Manor?

Hi everyone,So this weekend we’ve got a major gig at our local venue, the Olympic Park.  And I was just wondering whether anyone had been able to work out whether we’ll be able to get in by going across the Marshes and through Eton Manor Gate. It was a great way in during the Olympics, and I just hope we don’t have to go round via Stratford to see The Boss.  But neither the Hard Rock Calling site nor the Park’s own one are very informative on this.


  1. @MartinMcCallion I got the Hard Rock Calling App on my phone which has a site map that marks the entrances, there are 2 and the East entrance is by Eton Manor Walk but I don’t know if that’s the side you are referring to.

  2. Hi @line1, I didn’t realise there was an App.  I’ve got the iPhone one now, and while it shows the entrances, I don’t see Eton Manor Walk mentioned.In fact, it looks like the numbered gate our tickets mention (X7, I think) is near the Stratford end.However, I think I might just cycle down on Saturday and see how it looks.  With any luck there’ll at least be someone to ask.

  3. Just in the unlikely event that anyone wants to know how this turned out, I cycled down there today, and it’s closed off,  The sign is till there saying that part of the marshes will be closed from 2011 till September 2013.  So it looks like we’re going via Stratford tomorrow.It’s worth noting that all the paving that was laid to make the coach park has been removed, but it seems to have been left as bare earth; there’s no sign of fresh grass having been planted.

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