Springfield Park Glasshouse

I don’t know a lot about this, but it looks like the Springfield Park Users Group have been working towards building a new glasshouse for Springfield Park that will:a) Offer a covered winter garden area for all park users in an attractive glasshouse environment, including ornamental pond and unusual plants.b) Be fully accessible to all park users throughout the day.c) Be secure and well-maintained.d) Act as area to for Growing Communities to grow, produce, maintain and develop organic soil and composting.e) Function as a learning centre for general visitors, school parties and other groups to learn about and join in with organic growing projects.f) Recreate the former glories of the glasshouse, not by simply replicating what was/is already there, but also by extending its features and attactions.They seem to be making some progress, when I find out more I will share


  1. The application has now been submitted, details over here http://www.yeahhackney.com/springfield-park-glasshouse-1/

  2. MTW consultants have been hired by the council to conduct a feasibility study for the buildings in Springfield Park: the Mansion, the Stables, and the Glasshouse.Come meet the the consultants and share your views onWednesday 24 April at 4:30 pm in SPark cafe.

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