Speaking with Hackney schools and authorities about alternative provisioning

Hello everyone, I am working with a team of designers and technologists on an R&D project at Sidekick Studios in partnership with the Inaura charity. The project ultimately aims to transform alternative education to give schools more responsibility for commissioning and monitoring alternative provisioning and inclusion. We are currently speaking to schools providers and local authorities throughout the UK as research into the practices and patterns of those working with pupils of special education needs.As the team is based in London we are keen to chat with local schools particularly in Hackney. If you are an administrator SENCO headmaster teacher or at all involved in alternative education we would really appreciate thirty minutes of your time to help answer a few questions — at a place and time of your convenience. You can contact me at mark@sidekickstudios.net or leave your thoughts in the comments. Many thanks and kind regardsMark”


  1. Governors are probably a good start, the boroughwide association for them is HASGA

  2. Thanks Matt, we hadn’t really considered the role of Governors in this context but it’s a great point. Will get in touch

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