Could the admins plead block this poloabc who’s spamming the hell out of the site?


  1. Hi @martinmccallion I am the admin of the site, I blocked the user and removed all comments at around 3am this morning, around 1hour after they joined and posted (a pretty early morning for me 🙁 ).Only people that have \new topics” selected on the bargains group are likely to have seen the comments aside from anyone that commented on the Burberry store thread. I would advise changing your notifications to daily digest and having a look at my approach to spam over here: Please note this is a real person signing up rather than a robot.”

  2. It was farily simple for me to select the emails and delete them, it was obvious someone was just trying to get attention, spam happens. Thanks Emily for quickly putting a stop to this.

  3. Wow – quick response to an issue that had already been sorted. I’m impressed. 3am eh? was that a late night, an early start or do you get alerts when something seems spammy? It’s really hard coping with real people spamming, since people are so much more devious than programs. Maybe we could put a time limit on how long an account has to exist before it can send messages? But then people would just create accounts and come back to them after a couple of days. Or maybe limit the number of messages that can be sent within the first few days or weeks of an account being created? Interesting but expensive to implement. There are other things that could be done, but it’d take a £10 or £20 donation from every registered member to pay for it so that’s kinda unlikely. Personally, I’m quite amazed at how little spam gets through on yeahhackney – I know it gets targeted a lot, but I’ve only seen one or two obvious bits of spam.

  4. Hi @ganly , I still think limiting new users is just frustrating and stops the conversation, it’s a potential thought for the future, but for now I think it will hinder more than help. And as you say expensive to implement (for a site that works on a shoestring budget!)

  5. Hi Emily, thanks for the fast response.  3am?  Oh dear. I woke up to a cascade of emails from this guy in my inbox, so I thought I’d better draw your attention to it, just in case

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