Something’s going on at the Savoy

Savoy It looks like someone has taken on the lease at the Savoy and something is going on. It’s a far cry from what it used to look like 🙁Savoy cafe Photo from London Shop Fronts


  1. Yes I saw that 2 night ago and was so so sad they got rid of the original features. Wasn’t the shop front protected or something? I thought it was… Not keen on those cheap doors either.

  2. Nope, it got pulled apart before it was listed you can see the original features in my set on flickr

  3. Aaaaaargh, they’ve done it again! I hate those people who don’t appreciate what’s already there! I’m familiar with those pics you took, they’re fab, thanks, they’re all we’ve got now.

  4. Yeah, it’s a shame, but I guess it was inevitable given that to create self-contained access to upstairs they had to create a side passageway and front doorway. Still it’s a shame they didn’t put a better quality shop front in. I remember going there a few times about 20 years ago (ouch!), and they still had a chart on the wall for easy conversion from £sd to metric!

  5. @benjamin yes they had to do some interior changes, entrance to the flat was inside the cafe and there was no room for a loo downstairs.But at the same time they ripped out a gorgeous counter, an amazing ceiling and a fantastic shop front.I wonder what happened to all of that. I’m sure that chart was still there when I got to have a look around.Savoy CafeSavoy CafeBoth photos from my flickr stream

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