Soap Opera Productions presents BLACK SAND

Imagine the time right before you fall asleep, when you are alone and your mind plays tricks onyou.It is not what is seen but what is heard; an opera singer’s voice electronically enhanced, anupbeat pop song of the era transformed into a sadistic lullaby, a rock n’ roll passage ripped out ofcontext giving us the uncanny feeling that everything is not quite right. BLACK SAND is set in asmall suburban University town in 1950’s America. The kind of place where every house has a frontlawn and everyone knows their neighbors business, where there are prep rallies and a pharmacywhere teenagers gather on Friday nights to drink milk-shakes and coke-floats.An idyllic placewhere people are obsessed with being normal,being appropriate. Nathanael is an outsider in thistown. Since his parents death he has been haunted by night terrors , by the sandman.His biggest fearis to lose his mind and in turn lose his true love, Olympia – his most perfect American teen-dreamgirlfriend . Terrified and determined to keep his eyes, Nathanael decides his only defense is to sleepforever. BLACK SAND is a horror opera about a man so reluctant to confront his fear that itdestroys him and everything he loves.we are performing BLACK SAND in two of the biggest opera festivals in LondonDATES:Tête à Tête Opera FestivalAugust 3rd 7:50pm Riverside StudiosAugust 4th 3:50pm Riverside Studios Opera FestivalAugust 22nd 7:30pm Arcola Theatre trailer: