Smell the Monmouth coffee, Palm 2 Clapton Pond

I thought I had better introduce myself and give you E5 coffee lovers, a heads-up about the fact that I have set up a humble coffee bar outside the Palm 2 store on weekends.

I’ve trained as a barista back in Australia, and after 2 years of living in E5 and being deprived of decent coffee, I have decided to take matters into my own hands.
I’ll be preparing coffee Saturdays (7am-3pm) and Sundays (7am-2pm). Hope to catch you there.


  1. it’s great coffee too, with added latte art.

    @jeromesk8 we also have a coffee lovers group over here that you might be interested in:

  2. It really is nice coffee.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the alternative latte art!

  3. hey @jeromesk8 do you really have customers at 7am on a sunday? Your coffee’s lovely by the way!

  4. @ewebber Thanks for letting me know. I’ve just cross-posted back to this thread.

    @alexpink I’ll have to up the stakes (or take them to all new lows – depending on your disposition) with the latte art!
    Hello @saladefolle . No customers until about 7.45 but I get to work on my tan and pump some weights while I wait.

  5. @jeromesk8 I’ll be expecting the yeah! Hackney thumbs up logo on my next coffee

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